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"It is better to take refuge in Adonai than to trust in human beings; better to take refuge in Adonai than to put one's trust in princes." -Tehilah 118:8-9

Modern-Day Devorah Takes Rabbinic World By Storm

Rabbis call for Bible Quiz boycott [JPost]
A group of religious Zionist rabbis have called for a boycott of this year's International Bible Quiz after discovering that one of the four finalists from Israel is a Messianic Jew who believes Jesus is the true Messiah.


The call to boycott the quiz came after Yad L'Achim, a haredi anti-missionary organization, discovered that one of the finalists, Bat-El Levi, an 11th grader from a high school in Pisgat Ze'ev, was a Messianic Jew.


Calev Myers, founder and chief counsel of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, an advocacy group that represents members of the Messianic community, said that the rabbis' call to boycott the quiz was a show of weakness.

"If the participation of a Messianic Jewish lady is enough to shake up those rabbis' world, it shows the weakness of that world," said Myers.

"Why should they have a problem with a young woman who knows how to quote from the Bible?

"It is about time that they stop having a monopoly over determining who is a Jew. The beauty of the Jewish world is the diversity. If you can still be considered a Jew even if you believe that the Lubavitch Rebbe [Menachem Mendel Schneerson] is the messiah, the same thing should hold true if you believe Jesus is."
As far as I'm concerned, Bat-El Levi deserves a hearty hug of support from the entire Messianic community for having the guts to even enter the contest, knowing full well the uphill battle she would face if she did win any round, let alone make it to the finals.

A Messianic Jewish Israeli teenage chick who knows her Torah bowls over the Rabbinic Jewish world. How awesome is that? Call it the D'vorah Moment of the Week.

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It's a Pesach MIRACLE!

Israeli Supreme Court rules in favor of Messianic Jews []
The following is a press release issued by Jerusalem Institute for Justice co-founder Calev Meyers:

In a landmark decision this week, the Supreme Court of Israel ratified a settlement between twelve Messianic Jewish believers and the State of Israel, which states that being a Messianic Jew does not prevent one from receiving citizenship in Israel under the Law of Return or the Law of Citizenship, if one is a descendent of Jews on one's father's side (and thus not Jewish according to halacha).

Added Bonus: "This important victory paves the way for persons who have Jewish ancestry on their father's side to immigrate to Israel freely, whether or not they belong to the Messianic Jewish community. This is yet another battle won in our war to establish equality in Israel for the Messianic Jewish community just like every other legitimate stream of faith within the Jewish world."


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It's the Economy...and They're Stupid

I was not an Economics Major. However, like George Orwell, who ventured into the working-class-poor world after his stint at a ritzy English university (I want to say Oxford, but it may have been Cambridge), I have ventured far from the ivy halls of the ivory tower and thusly consider myself as having a PhD in Common Sense.

So, Common Sense Economics 101:

Lesson one: NAFTA

NAFTA = No Jobs for Americans on American Soil

Mom and Dad who have high school educations and VoTech trade degrees can't get jobs->
Mom and Dad go on unemployment-->
Mom and Dad begin living lives subsidized by the American government (the same government that approved the bill that lost the couple their chances for employment)--->
Mom and Dad have a kid, and get more government money---->
Mom and Dad realize that kids=more government money, so they keep having kids, and keep getting checks----->
Mom and Dad manage to swing buying a house on a 100% sub-prime mortgage (thanks to shady bankers) and continue to live off government money while taking secondary, under-the-table employment (legal or illegal, cash only=no taxes=not putting back in the government pot) in order to furnish new home, OR
Mom and Dad realize that if they split up, Mom can live in low income, government subsidized housing with the kids----->
Mom and Dad realize that dad can move in with friends, and rent out the house where they live, so they can pay the mortgage with rent money and pocket the government checks (most likely to be spent on plasma TVs)----->
Kids grow up without a steady father-figure--->
Most likely in a seedy neighborhood--->
Most definitely in an environment that promotes living off government money--->
>Kid thinks, "Why bother with school?" and the system continues, OR
>Kid wins "disadvantaged youth" scholarship, winds up in Ivy League School in order to fill "underpriveledged minority" enrollment quota, and lands big money job in high class environment while--->Working class kid with working parents who refused to live off government money doesn't qualify for scholarships (parents make just a little "too" much) doesn't get into Ivy League School (no money to pay for it) and doesn't get that big money job in high class environment that they're otherwise totally qualified for.

And this is why the socialization of the government in any form or fashion results in complete destruction and eventual collapse of the society as a whole.

The primary purpose of the Federal Government was to act as a bastion of national defense. In fact, the whole reason we fought the Revolutionary War was to keep the government from barging into our homes, our pocketbooks, and our lives.

Of course, the idea of American independence is now a notion under intense government scrutiny. It is a joke to think that the economy is receeding or collapsing; just as with the Great Depression in the 1930s, the middle class was raked over the coals while the rich (like FDR and his cronies) kept getting richer all the time. Look at who stands to benefit from the failure of the US Economy: Arab nations, whose markets are booming; China; Russia--- you know, all of our greatest moral enemies. They also happen to be the nations we bow to (and force our allies to bow down to-- need I remind you of the Annapolis Conference?) and borrow money from (ahem, CitiGroup); do our greatest amount of trading with (MADE IN CHINA ring a bell?); and send our oil to.

So, what better way to destroy the United States than implement a series of laws and policies to break down our economic structure, resulting in a weakening of our moral fiber, and rendering us malleable enough to agree to just about anything in order to sate our appetites overwhelmed with living off the fat of the government, or tired of scratching to pull weeds from the ground? This wouldn't be the first time poor people succumbed to the empty promises of socialist systems-- or didn't you get that lesson in your 9th grade unit on Hitler's Germany?

Weaken the Dollar -->
Weaken the Moral Resolve -->
Present Alternative Currency/Promises of Better Economy -->
So what if an Alternative Government comes along with it?

Recommended Reading:

Inside the Hush-Hush North American Union Confab []
A largely unreported meeting held at the State Department discussed integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada in concert with a move toward a transatlantic union, linking a North American community with the European Union.

The meeting was held Monday under the auspices of the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy, or ACIEP. WND obtained press credentials and attended as an observer. The meeting was held under “Chatham House” rules that prohibit reporters from attributing specific comments to individual participants.


The meeting agenda included topics reviewing the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP, and the U.S.-EU Transatlantic Economic Council, or TEC.

The SPP, declared by the U.S., Canada and Mexico at a summit meeting in 2005, has 20 trilateral bureaucratic working groups that seek to "integrate and harmonize" administrative rules and regulations on a continental basis.

Several participants said the premise of the SPP is to create a North American business platform to benefit North America-based multi-national companies the way the European Union benefits its own.

Others noted the premise of the TEC is to create a convergence of administrative rules and regulations between Europe and North America, anticipating the creation of a "Transatlantic Economic Union" between the European Union and North America.


Before the meeting began, concerns were raised informally by participants worried that the Ohio Democratic Party primary had prompted both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to talk of renegotiating NAFTA.

Participants at the State Department meeting pointed out U.S. political candidates could be expected to argue "protectionist themes opposed to global economic integration" as a tactic, without necessarily being committed to taking aggressive steps once in office.

Amero Currency News & Updates
Stop the Security & Prosperity Partnership

Absolute Madness is at the doorstep.

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Dangerous. Very, Very Dangerous.

IDF collecting settlers' weapons [JPost]
After more than 25 years of holding onto his IDF-issued gun, Moshe Grosberg was surprised to learn from the head of security in Ofra, the Samarian settlement where he lives, that he had to give it up.

"I haven't killed anyone with the weapon," said Grosberg, who notes that he lives close to Palestinian areas and needs the gun for protection when he walks or drives outside of the community.

Still, like 50 others in Ofra, he handed in his gun last week.

The measure is one of a number of changes that have settler leaders up in arms. In recent weeks, the IDF has collected army-issued weapons held by Israelis living in the West Bank, as well as caches of weapons held in storage in the settlements. It has also stopped providing bulletproof windows for settlers' cars.
IDF Collecting Reserve Guns, Supplies From Civil Response Teams [Israel National News]
Accordingly, the gun collection program excluded those weapons currently issued to local security personnel and to members of emergency response teams in the Judea and Samaria region, according to the IDF. However, residents of the towns in question said that it was now impossible to obtain any new guns, even for those who have been volunteering with community emergency response teams for weeks prior to the latest collection efforts.

Army spokespeople noted that the confiscated weapons are to remain in IDF reserve armories for the time being. In case of emergency, according to officials, the guns will be distributed among reservists who served in combat units during their military service.

But some security personnel in the affected communities expressed concern that they will be left with little defense at the same time that the government has ordered the removal of dozens of roadblocks and blockades designed to restrict travel by Arab terrorists.
Related Articles via the JPost:

Hamas Threatens to Breach Israeli Border

Syrian Official: We're Prepared for War

Iran begins installing 6,000 new centrifuges

via Israel National News:

Arabs Attack Drivers in Judea

Ramon Admits Security Fence Actually Partition Wall

Citizenry Emergency Drill Begins With Nationwide Sirens

The BBC did a news report on a group of religious Zionist teenagers in the West Bank, who literally stand their ground against IDF soldiers who are being ordered to evict them from "illegal" outposts. Unarmed with only their faith to defend them, these young people are forcibly carried away and detained (often for unusual lengths of time without being formally charged-- something the BBC neglected to mention) simply for defending what the Torah says. One young man, probably no more than 14 or 15, said to the reporter, "This land is ours. G-d gave it to us. They have no god; that is their problem."

No guns. Just faith. Pure and simple. This is what it has all boiled down to, which is ironic, since that's what it's all about in the first place.

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