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"It is better to take refuge in Adonai than to trust in human beings; better to take refuge in Adonai than to put one's trust in princes." -Tehilah 118:8-9

Jewish Mother Joke of the Day

How to know your mother is anxious to impress your new Jewish boyfriend:

"We can have the roast beef for Passover dinner, but what kind of potato can I do?"

"Do a baked potato."

"But we can't have butter if we have beef!!!"

"Mom-- we've never done milk and meat. He knows we don't do milk and meat. He doesn't care."

"Are you sure?!"

This, after my 2 year old cousin decided to go "shopping" in the pantry and pull out dad's hidden bottle of Bacon Ranch dressing, which prompted me to say later, "I don't eat that! I don't even LIKE dressing!!"

It's a good thing he's a mensch.

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Then & Now

"People like Wilders are always controversial, and they are never perfect. Yet, imagine if such a person had come to this country from Germany in 1934, to warn us about an unimaginable horror being prepared for Europe’s Jews. How many people would have dismissed such warnings as alarmist propaganda?"
--Rabbi Jon Hausman 3/1/2009

"I can remember back in High School [Simon Gratz High School, Philadelphia, PA 1937-1938] a Jewish Rabbi that spoke--He escaped from Germany and Hitler and talked about it. At that time no one believed him or that something that terrible could take place--not even the Jews!"
--My grandfather's memoirs, entry dated "Armistice Day 1988"

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