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"It is better to take refuge in Adonai than to trust in human beings; better to take refuge in Adonai than to put one's trust in princes." -Tehilah 118:8-9

Common Ground: Good and Bad

Watching The Best of 2007 DVD...They've got a sketch making fun of teenage internet culture. A group of popular girls speak to each other in American online euphemisms like "OMG: Oh My God!" and "TMI!" while two geeky guys with headgear who stand in front of a Superman poster talk about...videogames, I guess. (Anyway, they look like they play too many video games.) Then, they taunt each other online through their podcasts/blogs. It's really hilarious. Gwen Stefani's "No Holla Back" plays behind the clip show. This is the humorous side of the culture that Israelis and Americans share.

The non-humorous side is showing itself in Obama's willingness to manipulate legal channels in order to release known terrorists back to their home countries. If Obama's government winds up releasing the perpetrators of the U.S.S. Cole bombing in which 17 American soldiers were killed, America will be sliding down the slippery slope to Intifada faster than they could ever imagine. So far, angry protestors have argued the legality and the morality of the situtation, but I have yet to hear one commentator remark on the similitude between Obama's forthcoming "gesture" to his "Muslim Peeps" and Israel's own releasing of thousands of muslim terrorists in exchange for empty promises of peace and the return of the desecrated bodies of murdered IDF soldiers. The actions of Obama and Olmert are one in the same. Anyone who confuses Obama's gesture for anything less really has downed their share of the Kool Aid.

The scariest thing is that, as White House Cheif of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel is in the exact right place to take the heat for a lot of Obama's decisions. He's already being dubbed as being "in charge" of the transfer of census control into the White House. Who knows? As a person, he may be nothing more than a power hungry mamzer. I have no doubt of that. The problem is that when one Jew goes out on the limb of self-interest, the entire tree of Jewish people pays the price. [/Tu B'Shevat metaphor] Now, we not only have to worry about beating down the age-old "Jews control the money" stereotype thanks to Madoff, we really are going to have to give some serious though to combatting the whole "Protocols" myth of world domination-- at least if the Obama White House gets as much power as they wish to claim. Why not blame the Jew (the Israeli Jew to boot) for all your failed policies and disasters? How convenient. It'll help shift public opinion pretty quickly when it comes to those sticky issues like Israeli sovereignty and the Jewish right to exist.

Should I put it past a man so ready and willing to proclaim his muslim roots to do such a thing? For the sake of my people, I wouldn't dare.

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