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"It is better to take refuge in Adonai than to trust in human beings; better to take refuge in Adonai than to put one's trust in princes." -Tehilah 118:8-9

Hatikvah b'Yisrael

I can't read American news anymore. It's too depressing. As much as I appreciate Glenn Beck's well-deserved tirades against the idiocy in this country, I can't stomach much more of the Obamanation this country has become.

Why? Because I know where it's leading. I don't need Dick Cheney to tell me that Obama's pro-Muslim tuchus-kissing is paving the way for terror attacks in the United States and the slow Muslim takeover of the nation. Why? I lived through the 90s, people! I remember Oslo! How long did it take you to forget the bus bombings, suicide bombers, and endless promises of more Israeli land, more Israeli homes, more Israeli soldiers, and more Israeli lives for hudnas and intifadas? Wait, let me guess-- it took you as long to forget that as it did for you to decide "Gee, that Obama, he's a pretty cool dude." Please--bevakasha--spare me.

My hope is in Israel. My hope is in the covenant G-d has with Israel and in the sheer fact that if we do it right, if we ask for mercy and at least try to make the right decisions, G-d will have mercy on us and act on our behalf. Right now, that entails getting the right leaders into the Knesset. So far, the polls are in Israel's favor-- maybe, just maybe after years of leftist, terrorist-tuchus-kissing "leadership" we'll have someone who is willing to actually fight terrorism to win not just "severely disable infrastructure" in order to perpetuate another "hudna" before the rockets resume.

A few days ago I got my first copy of Eretz Nehederet in the mail. Since reading about the show and seeing clips on YouTube a few years ago, I've wanted to check out Israel's version of SNL-- call it "Erev Shabbat Live". I've hesitated to do so before now because I don't know Hebrew and the DVDs aren't subtitled. But now, listening to straight Hebrew is a relief. It's a reminder that we aren't in the ghettos and we never have to be again--we aren't just "Joos" anymore; we are, and we all can be Israel.

All we have to do is realize that we're each others best and only allies and stop treating each other with this insane diaspora-fed ideology of fear and suspicion that serves only to divide, not unify us. Whether it is the "Too Jewish", "Not Jewish Enough", or "No Aliyah for Me" argument, it is all divisive. Diaspora Jews need to get over it and look at Israel-- look at what we can become if we look past our disagreements (which will always exist-- why do you think G-d created the minyan?) and acknowledge that we aren't just a cultural group-- we are a nation, and we're all in this together.

More on Eretz Nehederet later... right now, it's time for my Hebrew lesson.

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